Want to make your teeth should think carefully and then decide!

"At first I liked the job, teeth are white, beautiful, confident than when communicating when laughing. But after a year I saw some were weak, and open or bleeding "-Ms. H.D. share.

Want to make your teeth should think carefully and then decide!

Recently, fad does teeth to own smile radiates sunshine being the young Vietnamese favorites. Catching the trend so many stars, the singer took up the life of beauty after the white porcelain teeth, making the teeth correction. Even after doing the teeth, the life they have stepped into a new page.

Today there are many methods to adjust for them and more beautiful teeth as teeth whitening, braces, porcelain veneers ... These methods are very powerful advertising, result in fast, pretty clear. So that person who go to work the teeth, incur large sums of money to reform dull yellow teeth, his ugly crooked.

However, many people only see the immediate benefits without knowing all of the methods have pros cons, especially longer happen complications if not learn carefully and choose a reputable, trusted to do.

Who had experienced all methods of teeth, H.D. sister for sharing his story and give helpful advice?

Her old teeth D. which are, quite bad, but your work must move many countries, many people I should contact with the teeth.

I think braces but because this method cost quite a lot of time and money so she did not do.

More than a year ago, while teaching my sister D. see 1 students are quite beautiful teeth, her smile makes people want to see the opposite. I know this was out of question wrapped porcelain teeth. Students only for Ms. H.D, dental in Saigon to Ms. H.D. reference.

Porcelain crowns method is the key to you have the most dashing smile.

Ms. d. to dentistry after the end of the class, the pretty young doctor, without much consultation. When she asked about after doing that there were openings and bad influence. The doctor has evening straight answer right that does not suffer anything, very safe and Nice.

They advise she kind of had their second dearly, and she decided to choose the type of tooth whitening. You have to pay the nearly 4000$ for 17 teeth. After 3 days, my sister has new teeth.

"Have to say. At first, I liked the job, teeth are white, beautiful, confident that when communicating when laughing. But what also has its price. After one year I saw some were openings, the benefit seems weak and or bleeding, I'm afraid that I exposed in the margin, the food sticking to will cause bad breath "-Ms. d. share.

Then one day she brushes the teeth about 8 times, contacts the dental to ask, however, due to being pregnant so I can't adjust the teeth. Means you have to wait more than a year been tweaked the teeth. She feared this situation lasts will be very dangerous.

From its sister case h. D gave the warning to people who currently have the teeth are beautiful and should not follow the fad to replace the Crown. Because it is only the external code but actually it's very harmful inside. Everyone should consider before making the teeth.

Are porcelain crowns harmful?

According to the master, doctor, head of the steer online General Hospital, Department of maxillo-facial and said: "that is not the case would also be porcelain crowns that depending on the specific damage cases doctor appoints new should wrap or not".

Case teeth deviance, coral or doesn't want to use the methods of the braces cosmetic porcelain crowns will help the tooth looks steadily and stained teeth as Italy wanted to spend less time doing more.

Porcelain crowns methods will be applied depending on the condition of the teeth and the purpose of the crowns. If tooth enamels too weak, implement this method will cause the weaker teeth.

To choose the best method, in accordance with the substance of your teeth you should go to see the doctor visit and please advice to not regret.