Want to lose weight, don't be lazy to exercise when winter comes

Instead of rolled in a blanket to try this exciting sports moment to effectively lose weight.

Want to lose weight, don't be lazy to exercise when winter comes

Winter comes, the weather cold causes the lazy, easy weight gain. Therefore, to improve the physique, the maintenance training is very important. Instead of rolled in a blanket to try the sport interesting.


F45 isn't the code to fix some bugs on my laptop which are a fitness trend coming from Down Under. Where F is the acronym of the function, to be trained as a group based on three main factors: motivation, innovation, and results.

This is not some regular workout routine that you can do in the gym. In fact, the practice F45 no repeat programming. Each exercise is a unique experience, not monotony as the other exercises.

Ballet dance

Ballet is not just a fun but also bring the more supple body. With these flexible movements, ballet helps you scale, increase toughness for muscles and burn calories, reduce excessive fat quickly. with just 30 minutes of exercise, your body can burn up to 170 calories.

In addition to Classical Ballet, Ballet Beautiful also the subjects are many choices, even the Supermodel of Victoria's Secret. Ballet Beautiful impact less active muscles, maintain flexibility as well as burn calories, the direct impact to the abdominal muscles, round 3 and the legs.



Today the sitting meditation is also nice shape tips are many people believe. Meditation does help you improve mood, reduce stress but also effective belly fat loss, body toned supple and enhances the function of the immune system, some resistance to disease.

Every day you should spend in a 30-minute meditation to achieve the effect quickly. You only need to cover the carpet, sitting back upright, cross-legged, hands, catching a loose inside, close your eyes and relax.

Infrared Yoga

Infrared Yoga exercise is also quite refreshing. Yoga in a room using infrared light technology to help eliminate toxins, excess fat-burning giving compact stature, enhanced flexibility, flexibility to the body. In addition, it also stimulates the metabolism, increases awareness of the body, relaxes the mind and aid digestion.

Training with Chair

Training with the Chair is a trend many sisters choice Office. With just any Chair or sofa gh? Chair, as you can apply these simple movements, does not require the technical requirements in the home or in the Office. Perform the exercises: Advanced Flex legs, thighs, against pushing, combined squat,... regularly, at least twice a week to help keep the body in shape as desired.