Tips to help your hair thick and wavy

The simple tips below will help you own wavy hair as you like.

Possessing a thick hair and wavy is always dreamed of many girls; however, not everyone owns lucky. With a few simple tips below, you can improve the situation for which his fragile hair that does not have to spend much money for the expensive hair care products.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a great effect in helping you enhance the silky soft hair and help stimulate the growth of the hair follicles, causing hair grows faster. Use the hot coconut oil (can give in the microwave) equipment the scalp for about 5 minutes, then shampoo again with clean water.
Frequently implemented measures, you will see his hair thicker and healthier.

2. Equipment by strategic goals

Equipment by strategic goals

Use the comb with the desk was covered with rounded head brushed away the brush back on the scalp is one way equipment help you stimulate the blood vessels on the skin first, distribute the scalp's natural oil for the entire hair, making your hair become sleeker.

3. Test the new hair color

Test the new hair color

According to the expert's hair care, thin hair will seem thicker when you change the current hair color and staining with a new hair color. Please select a hair color suits your skin and replace them with the original hair color, you will see the surprised his hair will thicken.

4. Choose the right shampoo 

Choose the right shampoo

The chemicals in the shampoo may cause side effects that destroyed the fragile hair fibers. Therefore, you should keep in mind when choosing to buy shampoo and make sure it matches the substance of his thinning hair. Don't forget to combine the use of Lemongrass oil to shampoo the hair tail after being dried fiber and split.

5. Use a dry shampoo

Use a dry shampoo

The regular shampoo is not good hair care, even they also cause your hair to become dry and brittle than fiber. So, who owns many scalp oil can use the dry shampoo to clean their hair rather frequently apply the usual shampooing.
The innovative formula in this shampoo will help you to take away excess oil and dirt on the hair, leaving the hair you do not the clean but also become more glamorous, and more wavy

6. Reverse-Hair dryer

Reverse-Hair dryer

A trick to use for your hair dryer wavy as the "Angel" Victoria Secret is kept the hair forward, backward through then drying from the spine into the. After hairdryer near dry, you go backward and threw a little balm for the tail hair, your hair will bulging beauties as you like.

7. Change the hair style

Change the hair style

Changing the hairstyle is also a Fireworks help you own thick hair and beautiful than rather to forever a hairstyle for a long time. If your hair is too thin, tips for you is to cut hair tail section with instead of chasing for this hair style sniper has the effect of making your hair becomes thicker.
Besides, the application of a high bun or ponytail is also a way of helping you conceal blemishes thinning hair.