Tips for using foreign travel insurance effectively

Foreign travel insurance is becoming important when that tourism has become one of the leading hobbies, not only for young people but also for all people, regardless of their ages. To have a complete trip and use good travel insurance products, here are a few suggestions that you can refer to:

Tips for using foreign travel insurance effectively

1. Optimize the time validity of the coverage

Foreign travel insurance is in phase, the effect of the coverage will end at the end of the period of insurance or the insured person's entry into Vietnam. Therefore, should buy more long cruise planned for the maximum period to be entitled to insurance risk situations make you last long trip.

2. Select the appropriate premium rate

Each insurance company will offer several different packages for you to choose, with corresponding compensation limit that is different. People who buy travel insurance abroad need to consider the following factors in order to select appropriate insurance package as:
Destinations in areas with high or low medical costs (costs for medical services in Asia, the Americas will be higher than Asia)
The age of the insured person will risk prone or not from that base to choose coverage levels class fit the bag of money.
In addition, an effective way to save deals cost you that is regularly updated news from the insurance company in order to search for his consistent coverage with good price.

3. The hotline

After the purchase of travel insurance abroad, you need to save the number of hotline to contact when needed to ensure hospital fees or evacuation. In addition, the hotline line also has the function of medical information consulting, legal support, emergency communication ... When you are abroad. Consulting services of hotline does not charge to the insured because the insurance company has to pay a premium support service 24/7 hotline service organization.

4. Procedures when hospitalized

Please present your certificate of insurance or insurance card to the hospital can assist you in making contact with the insurance company. In the coverage you have purchased, the insurance company will pay hospital fees directly to hospitals according to the agreed terms in insurance contracts signed overseas travel. In addition, the insured should note keep parallel 2 & financial documents with full medical examination results (if any) and diagnostic conclusions of doctors to be able to bring out the contrast when necessary.

5. Handle the case of stolen personal items

When the risk occurs, you must declare to the local police department where the incident within 24 hours. After that, you should be notified as soon as possible the situation of damage, losses for the insurance company, at the latest within 30 days from the date of the end of the trip.
Besides the important papers while traveling abroad as visa, flight tickets or hotel, you should also pay more attention to the issue of safety for yourself during the trips with the kind of foreign travel insurance, this can be seen as one of the conditions that the Embassy of the country often asks when making travel visa procedures.