Introduction General Shen-Sunset Eyes

Because the powerful Gladiator line on damage orientation now as Darius, Fiora, Gnar, ... should be a general guest orientation its inclusion as Shen is currently gradually taking advantage. But Shen has found the path for themselves quite effective also currently that's down to the players in a position to assist with the first steps to deliver the most effective. Would, let's have a detailed analysis of the strength of this general article how to play a 5-season support and Shen up map Shen SP Season 5 right here.


Shen Supplementary gems 

Jade Gold: 9 Borders.
Emerald Green: 9 next Resistance level.
Red turquoise: 9 physical damage.
Amethyst: 3-speed move.

Supplementary table Shen Support: 

7-23-0: table support with big bear's husband Shen.

Increasing the skills of Shen SP: 

With Shen position supports the need to elevate the Launcher Engines (Q) as the main damage skills to structure the blood. Next is the Shadow Ministry (E) to maneuver along the ability to control. Decoy (W) only take 1 point ahead of the last maximum and lv6. Travis Best (R) last will, of course, take the right level.

Allow Plugins Shen go support:

Exhausted and Variable Speed: Allow plugins for most general support.
The way up map location support: Shen

Starting equipment:

Shields, Artifacts, Animal Eye: starting Way equipped for Shen to good support for the gunner.

Armed sect commune:

Ruby: required equipment of almost any general support to control the good vision for the team.
Paint mask jelly: upgrade of Artifacts help Shield for Shen little blood, reducing recovery time Zhao and specially created borders team the necessary case.

The complete equipment:

Equipment for Shen supports cattle.
The equipment can be up to:
Iron chains Scolari: When the enemy team has the General damage allowed.
Chest Protector With this equipment: Mikael the main location will be assured more than to see the generals control hardware.
Armor Spikes: equipped to confront the general physical damage.
How to play Shen effective support positions:
-With the first battle of Shen please Launch Engines (Q) to angry enemy blood continuously for not wasting energy.
-Should an enemy attack when there were an internal Engine gasses. Starting from a mixed loads. The Image (E) accurate, (Q) and Sword slashing Launch often, active Decoy (W) resistant to internal and be faster.
-Use only Loads The Image (E) when necessary, because can plunge too deep and not up. When enemy gank forest from behind making Loads The Image (E) into the enemy forest to underwrite for the gunner and retreated.
-Remember that with Zoom Engine (Q) and often help revert back to blood for you, you can make the internal Shield when the Antiques.
-Take advantage of the Gunners at the head or the enemy retreated that go out on the Street between the gank with loads of photos (E) helping to very good.
-When the last Zhao For President (R) watch more team members to be able to support the truth. Also don't leave again for gunners, because when the others come out very dangerous to the gunner team.
-A customized skill quite or of that shadow Ministry Shen (E) with Variable Speed makes the enemy unexpectedly.
-In fighting Shen can open conflict with loads of photos (E) but try to hit several targets as possible. Otherwise, stand beside the gunner to underwrite.