Introduction General Kennen-Thunder Heart

Kennen was once a top choice location on the road, the road between the shaman and the even gunner role. But in the current version, Kennen gradually absence position for the chess match with the current game than meta. However, with his strength, Kennen was not hard to find the new location and choose to go to support a position is also very appropriate for this little ninja. Would, let's learn the details about this general strength through the article playing Kennen support cycle 5 and up map Kennen SP Season 5 right below:


Kennen Supplementary  gems

Red turquoise: 9 armor-piercing and resistance.
Jade Gold: 9 Borders.
Emerald Green: 9 next Resistance level.
Amethyst: 3 magic power.
Auxiliary table support: Kennen
21-9-0: Supplementary Tables for Kennen support damage location the best.

Increasing skill Kennen SP:

Lightning DART (Q) with the possibility of a strong blood r?a structure should maximize first, followed by Shock Lightning (W) for the added ability to irritate Kennen blood enemy, It Thunder (E) 1 point before and after maximum lv6 along to help Kennen maneuver and have a bit more borders with resistance. The last Storm of Thunder Travis (R) takes the right level.

Allow Plugins support location: Kennen

Exhausted and Variable Speed: allows additional assistance Kennen good support for the gunner on the road to play defense.

The way up map Kennen AP SP:
Starting equipment:

Sword blades won the Arts, blood, Animal Eyes: with the beginning so Kennen can be earning more money thanks to the ability of the blood to get tidy its good.

Armed sect commune:

The rubies Shine: most general support need to up this equipment helps control vision necessary for the whole team.
Demands Of the ice Scenes: upgrade from Sword Blades won the Arts increased the power of the magic, the ability to reduce recovery time and Zhao bargain energy, and also as extremely slow skills good situations run or Chase.
Hourglass: the last possibility Kennen damaged area will need to plunge into the middle of the enemy so with this equipment will help the cause much damage Kennen last Zhao.

The complete equipment:

The following is the complete equipment geared up for support positions: Kennen

The equipment can be up to:

Sublimation: Talisman equipped alternative to Demands Of the ice Scenes can up with the ability to enable the speed to be able to have a perfect end.
Witch Hat: want to play like a master of French Kennen squad just up.
Chest Protector Mikael: the enemy has many effects control danger should this equipment now safaris to underwrite the team.

How to play Kennen effective support positions:

-With Thunder Dart (Q) you use constantly to get the blood of the enemy, the better, or can check the vision before entering the eye socket.
-Basic Combo of Kennen to do against the target: Africa Goofy Thunder (Q) > technique Thursday or the speed of Thunder (E) > Shock Lightning (W). You only need enough area 3 points is done against that are not necessarily on the combo.
-Kennen is an extremely powerful general in conflict should narrow the same ambush team or organization to eat large goals.
-In fighting Kennen need do is Thunder-speed (E) with Variable Speed (activated Glory Main Leg if there is) then Storm Thunder (R), and then also any skills for discharge, if feel danger please use Sand.
-Sometimes not do against the enemy by was that in many cases just to push back the enemy mages or archers out of fighting also was too successful.
-Should choose a proper time when tuberculosis on to can cause much damage.
-If the enemy party has many General thrusts then Storm Thunder (R) may remain to underwrite for the General.