Introduction General Kayle-Angel of judgment

Although most road and stable application are general but with the "revolution" grew in the forest since the beginning of season 5, Angel Kayle gradually asserted his position with the generals go to another forest now. With the ability to clean up the forest monsters extremely fast, good recovery skills and the amount of control required when to go gank. Whether that Kayle can become powerful in the jungle? Would, let's have a detailed analysis about the power of play article Kayle Kayle goes up and season 6 forest map Kayle Jungle Season 6 right here.


Kayle Supplementary  gems 

Red turquoise: 9 guest rate.
Jade Gold: 9 Borders.
Emerald Green: 9 Reduce recovery time Zhao according to level.
Amethyst: 3 guest rate.

Auxiliary tables for Kayle Jungle: 

18-12-0: Supplementary Tables for Kayle goes woods with the possibility of damage on the technique well.

How to increase skills for Kayle: 

Justice Rage (E) maximum lifting first because is the main damage skills as well as clean up better fuck, followed by the punishment (Q) to help increase the likelihood of damage to the control. Bless (W) get 1 point ahead of level 6 more likely recovery and accelerate, the last Immortal Travis Households Stems (R) take the right level.

Allow plugins for Kayle location go forest:

Punished and supplementary license 2 turns: Kayle goes most effective jungles.
The way up map for Kayle jungle ride:
Starting equipment:
Macrochirus Hunter, blood, Animal Eye: How to shop equipped for Kayle goes the only effective jungles.

Armed sect commune:

Armed Clash-Butcher: the forest ride equipped for higher speed and Kayle effects on technique would be very effective when combined with Justice Rage (E).
Nashor canine: Though is the placement of this equipment always is most important with Kayle.
Runaan Offers whirl: equipped brings guest great speed for Kayle. In addition, the other rays also accompany each effect technique, help possibility of damage in the great war Kayle.

The complete equipment for Kayle jungle ride:

The most common equipment for Kayle jungle ride.

The equipment can be up to:

Borders Angel: But with immortal seconds but Kayle can also locate deaths shocked due to the stress of damage fast.
Hextech Gun sword: With the ability to suck the blood allows offset the amount of blood loss and the ability to slow down when activated.
Purple knife: typing is extremely necessary for Kayle, Additionally this equipment allows resistance to replenish needed.
Hourglass: the amount of extra large magic strength and resistant to significant. In addition to triggering the stop back extremely effective stress cases.

How to play go position effective jungles, Kayle:

-Beginning the round forest: Toad-> Green-> Charm-> Wolf Red Charm Beach-> Crab-> go gank or turn on buy equipment.
-When enabled the justice Rage (E) be used on monsters to farm faster.
-When to go gank break up taking punishment (Q) on the goal, can use the Blessing (W) to speed up moves to help reach more easily, enabling Justice Rage (E) "the fan" straight face.
-Please use the Immortal Households (R) the case you or the team stress damage, help draw the main source of damage to the enemy created the combat advantage.
-You like a gunner, in conflict should hold good positions to ease damage in the fighting.
Last Immortal – Households (R) does not necessarily have to use the team-high blood. You use for those members have the ability to finance the team for to bring effective for fighting. Or if not to trust anyone, then to take the buffs on yourself.
-To be able to use the Immortal Households (R) the most effective then you use on the more damage at stress, because at that will block are large amount of damage, not the same as Rejecting the use of Trydamere's Death when blood runs out.