Irelia general introduction

Extremely strong in the position line on a fairly recent, but absent since after the Faker given the location of the road between creative style with no one too and brought her to the professional arena in LCK and effects. Our site and detailed analysis of the strength of your this article Irelia General playing Irelia Road between seasons 5 and up map Irelia Mid Season 5 right here!


Supplementary gems 

Red turquoise: 9 physical damage.
Jade Gold: 9 Borders according to level.
Emerald Green: 9 Reduce recovery time Zhao according to level.
Amethyst: 3 guest rate.

Supplementary table 

21-9-0: Supplementary Tables for the orientation of damage Irelia Faker used effectively.
Increasing the skills of Irelia go Mid:
Irelia in hand Faker elevate Such Equilibrium (E), (Q) and Blow to Make Art Hiten (W), the last Premium Blades Zhao (R) upgraded the right level.

Allow plugins

Shift: The Speed and allow the add-on fit Irelia for present time with the ability to support other lines go.

Way up the map for Irelia Dame Mid:
Starting equipment:

Crystal vases, blood, Animal Eye: Irelia helping get the ability to recover from being able to go a better way.

Armed sect commune:

Three combined swords: look at the skill of Irelia, the most known of this equipment is very suitable with her though is go position.
Sword of the King of Anonymous: Irelia helping benefit from Swordsmanship Hiten with higher speed, activate slow target help for easier pursuit.
Heart of ice: Irelia fine defensive capabilities with the ability to reduce recovery time for comfortable use more skills. Especially with the General into the outer defensive Irelia, the falling speed of the opponent is very important, especially for the gunner.

The complete equipment:

The following is the complete equipment for Irelia Road between:
The dedicated page for damage Irelia fine but still ensures the resistant end of the battle.

The equipment can be up to:

Ramie armor: the plus for the same amount of damage Irelia fine reduction of damage allowed admitted when confronted with the wizard.
Borders for large quantities: increased Spikes Irelia to carving the gunner has the ability to damage.
Borders Angel: with the possibility of his plunge into the very vulnerable to enemy team Irelia cornered to evaporate quickly so this is the ticket for her.
The Palace Green: get more relative damage with armor-piercing capabilities helps damage well up the cattle.
How to play go Irelia Mid efficiency:
-Beginning of Irelia midline positions quite difficult in keeping soldiers food index, you can use the Crash Engine (Q) the last hit destroyed the soldiers to be able to continue to use again in the rear of the retreating soldiers.
-With Swordsmanship Hiten (W) more damage helps you can swap the better skills or situations that forced the soldiers into the head, the farm is also easier, and also for the amount recovered.
-In a small way at war should the enemy to temper your blood less than them and then plunge into to do against with Such balance (E).
-The combo of Irelia basically is Blow (Q) (if the radiation to few soldiers to the blood helps narrow the distance) > Swordsmanship Hiten (W) > Such balance (E) > Premium Blade (R) > added the technique often, ...
-Blow (Q) is also good skills help train escape or the trigger turns in fighting when that can use continuously in the unit enough to last hit with this skill.
-Take advantage of the last Premium Blades Zhao (R) to Muslim blood is the most because much Muslim bloods will tell you if hit by multiple units.
-Things to do in this conflict is to select the appropriate time into the enemy line to damage the main position team title.