French life and insurance

France is a country where people have higher living standards, should the consumer for Vietnam in particular students or with international students are generally very expensive. The management and use of money in a reasonable manner is very important.

French life and insurance

Like the 19 countries of the European Union, France also uses the common currency is the Euro (€). To manage or otherwise store your money, foreign students can open your bank account type "non-resident" or "resident" If time save allows (students can send in Euro or other currency).

In France, people have the habit of using fewer checks, instead of cards. Almost the store accept pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

-Travel relatively easily in France but also quite expensive:

+ Especially for taxis, taxis in France also are counted by the clock, but the taxi price in France is higher than international standards quite a lot and of course a lot higher than the price of a taxi in Vietnam

+ Trains in France are people using pretty popular, especially high-speed train (TGV). You will only take 4 hours to travel from the North to the South of France (1000 km), and very gentle softness.

+ With cars, you do not need to worry because road infrastructure and the French t?c? have very good quality. Note, the highway in France charge and special charges quite expensive. If you have a driving license issued in a country outside Europe, you can use a maximum of one year from the day you start in France, with some conditions. Before the expiry of one year, you need to change the procedures of foreign licenses to the license of France, by the time a year later, if you do not change, your license will be considered as no longer worth using in France. speed is limited at the level of 30, 40, 50 km/h in the city , and 90 km/h outside the City line and 130 km/h on the highway. Every type of car engine must be covered.

+ In addition, you can also use the bicycle rental is cheap to visit and go back.

-Dining with the French very fussy but with students in France also have quite a lot of options. Every day, the students can eat in the canteen of the school. The prices here are very attractive: a full price meal exactly 3.20 euros (2014-2015). People who have a student card is able to eat. Some restaurants open on evenings and weekends.

In addition, you can also eat at the Cafe and restaurant. The price is usually around for less than ten euros a full meal and can reach hundreds of euros at the destination of French cuisine. If you want to cook stove, you can also find places that sell food everywhere, the large commercial center, and especially a lot of outdoor markets.

-If you live in France, you have to buy four types of insurance:

If you live in France, you have to buy four types of insurance

+ Medical insurance: all students under 28 years old attended from 4 months or more within a licensed training facility is automatically insured student society (social insurance systems in France). Taking this insurance be made right at the base of training when students conducting administrative procedures. The amount of insurance a year in about 200 euros and will increase each year.

With the students have time to study for 4 months, students in a training facility not licensed, students over 28 years need to register personal medical insurance voluntarily in a private insurance company. The insurance amount to about 150 words to 550 euros a year.

+ Civil liability insurance: this insurance pays the risks caused by a third party in the event of an accident. The insurance contract is signed with the private insurance companies.

+ Risk insurance-housing: housing is required to be insured in case of theft, damage due to water, fire, ... This type of insurance contract is signed with the private insurance companies. Premium package for a year about 60 euros.

+ Automobile insurance: in France, any type of vehicle from bicycles, mopeds to cars all have to be covered. This insurance contract is signed with the private insurance companies. Premium depending on vehicle type.