Fire insurance and special risk

Fire insurance and special risk in order to protect property are property (excluding the land) and the type of personal property, organization of all economic sectors, to be declared for insurance purposes in the contract and/or certificate of insurance, including:

Fire insurance and special risk

Homes: tall buildings used as Office, Business Office, to stay; the plant, industrial, warehouse, and industrial establishments; commercial center, services, and types of homes or other architecture

Machinery, equipment, and property inside: machinery and equipment affixed to real estate, machinery, and equipment, Office equipment, other types of assets.

Goods: includes finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and fuel inventory, unfinished products.

Insurance period

Is usually 12 months, but this period may be shorter or longer than required by the insured person

Insurance premiums are calculated according to the following formula:

Premium = x amount of insurance premium rate

Of which:

How insurance fee rate is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

Business activities of the customers.

Insured property type and the purpose of use, locations covered

The level of investment in infrastructure: factories, FIRE FIGHTING systems, energy systems ... ...

The type of customer risks involved

Precautionary work limit losses of the insured

Sum insured is determined:

The amount of insurance: is the declared value of the property of the insured based on the market value or replacement value of the property.The amount of storage cargo insurance: is the fixed amount the highest value or the average value of the property. If the goods have a major upheaval, the insured must declare the value of the goods and the quarterly/monthly insurance premium adjustment at the end of insurance period

PTI compensation for the damage, loss, ruin of the property is insured at the location covered by the covered risk causes

a. the main risks are covered: (A)

b. special risk: (B)

Aircraft and other aviation facilities or equipment on vehicles that crashed hit (C)

Disturbances, strike, closing (D)

Damage by deeds (E)

Thunderstorms and hurricanes (G)

Thunderstorms, storms, floods (H)

The water overflowed from the tank and water storage equipment or water pipeline (I)

Collision by vehicles or animals (J)

Claim profile

The claim of the insured person.

The certificate of insurance/policy

Certificates or documents certifying the eligibility of fire and fire.

Report on the assessment of The insured or the person Who authorized it.

Report on the assessment of loss cause of fire or fire police or other competent authority.

Damage Declaration and proof of damage.