5 mistakes we make when eating breakfast

There are foods that will make you a surprise because they should not be used for breakfast

1.  Redundancy foods - fried rice

Redundancy foods - fried rice

Many families or many individuals often have the habit of cooked food for breakfast or fried rice available to the morning wake up to eat at work. However, food scraps to the night, vegetables cooked, can produce nitric (a carcinogen), affect human health.

2. Fast food

Fast food

Western-style breakfast often uses these fast food such as burgers, fried chicken wings ... for breakfast. Even more, the restaurant also combines a breakfast with coffee, tea or milk. However, this energy-rich breakfast, easily lead to obesity, fried foods when long term use will be harmful to the body. There are also causing problems of nutritional imbalance, lack of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. If this type of breakfast, the best you should combine with fruit or vegetable soups.

3. Fried foods with soy milk

Fried foods with soy milk

After the food being fried hot, nutrients will be destroyed, create carcinogens. Moreover, fried, contain high-fat milk plus will make you hard to digest, prone to obesity.

4. Snacks, biscuits, chocolate cake

Snacks, biscuits, chocolate cake

Many people often reserve the junk food in the House and used for breakfast. However, this should not eat snacks at a time need more energy to do the work as the morning which should have 1 science diet. Most of the snacks are dry food will cause the body to fall into a State of dehydration, the sale is not conducive to absorb and digest.

Biscuits and other snacks with raw materials are the main cereal grains provide energy in a short time but then the body will feel very hungry, near noon the concentration of glucose in the blood will decrease significantly, eating snacks on easy breakfast leads to nutritional deficiencies, physical decline.

5. Eat fruits

Eat fruits

Many women claim that eating fruit is very good and always can be eaten, even used rather a fruit for breakfast. There is no denying that the fruit contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients to the body. However, fruits such as tomatoes, bananas, pears, plums, apricots have acidity and high fiber, easy to make you feel hungry, high liver intestine, the digestive system when eaten in the morning. Therefore, you should be eaten with bread or other medium grains ensure nutrition just abundant energy.