20 European cities you should visit when still being young (Part One)

From the busy cities to small villages full of charm, Europe has a dozen city worth a visit. But where would fit in with the young people, "Gore" taking me?

Major cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam is not a table. This is the proper venue for all ages, all the money bags. Song, The Huffington Post has just introduced a list of 20 European cities you should visit when young.

In these places, you can enjoy these delicious snacks on the street, the hostel is affordable, the cozy cafes and learn new cultures are completely free.

1. Berlin (Germany)

Berlin (Germany)

On board, Berlin is a cultural city with many museums, art galleries and historic places to learn and explore. When night falls is at Berlin become bustling with many places of entertainment.

Whether you are the person who likes the quiet romantic or audio enthusiast of electronic instruments and drums, trumpet the bar in Berlin can meet all style.

2. Riga (Latvia)

Riga (Latvia)

Riga was recognized as the European capital of culture in 2014. Here there are many architectural monuments, museums, unique historical center and monumental. Besides that, you can participate in many special festivals when coming into this year.

3. Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Summer is the best time to travel to Stockholm with blue skies interrupted and you can r?o step on the stone streets of the old town Gamla Stan. The "adventurers" can do an excursion Skärgård Islands with 30,000 islands.

4. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Danish capital could be viewed as charming and friendly cities in the world. "The iron horse" is the most appropriate means to explore the city with its canals, historic and wonderful architecture.

You must come to Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens up to 170 years old and also don't forget to drop a bar or cozy cafés to SIP coffee and li talking with natives.

5. Budapest (Hungary)

 Budapest (Hungary)

The capital of the hippie culture in Europe can also be considered as the most beautiful destinations in the continent. Budapest is clearly the playgrounds you want to enrich the knowledge of its culture and is also home to the vibrant nightlife of the most.

Please visit the shops and cafes of strange in VII and don't miss the museums and the beautiful architecture here.

6. Fira (Greece)

Fira (Greece)

If it has gone through many of the youthful and vibrant city, you will also need a place to live the slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of spellbinding. The island of Santorini is such a place.

From Fira, you can reach the ancient Thira or Oia for her beautiful and savor the Aegean sea green color of jade. You can also try the cool dishes of Greece and located at the black sand on the island.

7. Oslo (Norway)

Oslo (Norway)

Norway is the most wonderful place on Earth, so its capital, Oslo is also excellent. The price here is pretty expensive but you can still arrange the bag one way. The city has many places of interest such as the Viking Ship Museum, the unique, nude statue Park Vigelandsparken and Nobel Peace Center.

8. Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

 Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

When it comes to the Czech Republic, most of the young are thought to Prague. It is true that Prague is beautiful but Cesky Krumlov is a great place for that you've never heard of. The city of the castles situated in the region of Bohemia, Prague for about two hours.

Cesky Krumlov boasts the old Maze was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It offers views of the River Vltava, which flows through, meaning that there will be a lot of romantic cafes overlooking the river. Also if you are active, you can boat or raft on the river.

9. Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona (Spain)

The energy-filled atmosphere of Barcelona makes it an attractive destination for European juggernaut that you must come to the youth. You can't miss a visit to the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral, stroll along the beach, try the tapas, vintage goods in the Boqueria and partying until the dawn of the following day.

10. Krakow (Poland)

Krakow (Poland)

You want to go somewhere the ownership history, culture and politics of awesome? Go straight to Krakow. The city is a treasure trove of historic architecture. The city boasts many buildings and monuments more than any other place in Poland.

Come here, you can't miss the Wawel Castle, Krakow old town, Jewish district and the main square Rynek Glowny.