10 most romantic islands of the South Pacific

With more than 20,000 islands scattered over a very wide area, South of the Pacific Ocean is indeed a paradise for romantic lovers as well as tourists from around the world.

The following are the Islands was considered excellent for the most romantic, in the area of the South Pacific are CNN suggested:

1. The island of Moorea:

often referred to as the most beautiful island in the world, the island of Moorea is shaped like a giant heart just Tahiti about half an hour train ride. Beautiful beaches and resorts along the white sandy shore around the leaf that is located on the northern coast of the island. Here, the lovers can swim with the impressive stingrays, dolphins in the poetic, romantic scenery.

The island of Moorea

2. Rarotonga (Cook Islands):

Roratonga is an island formed from volcanic lava, covered with tropical jungle and Lagoon views from the course. The scene in this incredibly peaceful, romantic, and the price not expensive with visitors. The town of Avarua adorable on the island will make your night the couple more lively.

Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

3. Upolu (Samoa):

this island has many waterfalls, coral reefs along extremely exotic sea caves, visitors discover the power agreement. The town of Apia Samoa culture hearty on the island is also interesting destinations for you. The young couples who come here can find of exciting gifts in Apia.

Upolu (Samoa)

4. Lord Howe Island (Australia):

 Lord Howe Island (Australia)

police amongst world natural heritage by UNESCO is located between the Tasman Sea, is one of the few places most affected by human impacts in the area of the South Pacific. The forests here flooded the United States furnished species workshop, while the white-sand beach behind the Crescent-shaped island always invites visitors.

5. Yasawa (Fiji):

Yasawa (Fiji)

Yasawa Islands situated between prominent Fiji Islands as Pearl treasures between the Crown. On the island, there is only a single resort, around which is 6 village of indigenous people. You can enjoy the full privacy and incredibly romantic on this beautiful island.

6. Lizard Island (Australia):

 Lizard Island (Australia)

Lizard Island is situated in the complex of Large coral reefs are strictly protected by Australia, is home to 24 fine white sandy beaches, with the sea around the very rich sea animals such as whales, sea turtles, and dolphins. Here, visitors can camp, rest and relax on the beautiful beach in Watsons Bay.

7. The island of Tanna (Vanuatu):

Located in the extreme south of the island chain of Vanuatu, the island of Tanna has the very exotic black sand, with the waterfall in the jungle and the Yasur volcano still spewing smoke creates the magical scene at night. Visitors here can take a scenic horseback and visit the waterfall Lenuanatuaiu.

The island of Tanna (Vanuatu)

8. Vava'u (Tonga):

this is a paradise not yet explored for scuba diving lovers. Vava'u Islands, consisting of 70 islands scattered along the very quiet water and fresh. From July to September, humpback whales herd usually towed to the waters around Vava'u, a bizarre spectacle that not always you can also witness in life.

Vava'u (Tonga)

9. Rapa Nui (Easter Island):

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

this island is where the existence of ancient Polynesian culture full of mystery, and is also home to the romantic landscape. Visitors can climb the mountain to explore the phenomenon of giant stone heads, then stroll on the amazing beaches or surfing in the sea.

10. Tikehau (Tuamotus):

Tikehau (Tuamotus)

this Teardrop island in the Tuamotu Islands, famous for coconut-lined shade shine down the pink sand beach, where you can sea kayak to explore the Islands not yet inhabited.